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Our Vista B hearing aids minimize background noise to enhance the sounds you want to hear. Plus, they’re designed for wearing comfort and ease-of-use, so you can have an excellent listening experience in a range of sound environments.

Vista B seamlessly connects to all Bluetooth® enabled smartphones, so you can stream music and phone calls directly into your hearing aids, controlling your media with just a tap.

The compatible Hearing Remote app allows you to boost speech or listening comfort in the moment, as well as select and customize pre-set programs to personalize your listening experience.

Introducing the Vista B Product Family


Receiver-in-canal (RIC)


Vista B-R

Our smallest rechargeable RIC with direct connectivity*


Vista B-RT

Our rechargeable RIC with telecoil and direct connectivity*


Vista B-312

Our smallest RIC with direct connectivity and a traditional 312 disposable battery

Behind-the-ear (BTE)


Vista B-PR

Our rechargeable BTE with direct connectivity*


Vista B-UP

Our Ultra Power BTE with direct connectivity, telecoil and a traditional 675 disposable battery

In-the-ear (ITE)


Vista B-312 Dir

Our wireless ITE model with direct connectivity


Vista B-312 NW O

Our non-wireless omni ITE with a telecoil


Vista B-10 NW O

Our smallest non-wireless omni model with a telecoil

Find Your True Color

BTE and RIC Colors


ITE Colors


**Available for Vista B-312 Dir and Vista B-10 IIC styles only.

Enhance your Vista

Based on award-winning designs, Vista receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are popular because they are compact, lightweight and discreet. Vista RICs are available in 3 styles and multiple technology levels.

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