Hearing Remote app:
Personalization at your fingertips

The Hearing Remote app offers a highly personalized listening experience through easy-to-use customization options, enabling you to effortlessly control and make adjustments to your hearing aids.

The app’s customization options allow you to choose between program photos or icons. Plus, you can name programs based on the time of day, locations you frequently visit or scenarios that are specific to your lifestyle. 

With two modes to choose from — classic or advanced — you’re free to select the level of interaction you prefer.




Confidently manage the day-to-day maintenance of your hearing aids with the support of in-app tutoring. Resources include instructions and videos as well as helpful tips and reminders sent directly to your smartphone via timely notifications.

Lifestyle Data

From step counting to activity tracking, the Hearing Remote app provides access to your lifestyle data. You also receive an enhanced view of your insights in specific listening environments, thanks to Capture All.


The app offers a wealth of materials to support you wherever you are in your hearing care journey, including:

How-to videos

You’ll also receive guidance and assistance from Tutor, empowering you to take control of how you hear the world around you with the reassurance of a suite of resources.


Check below to see if your phone is compatible with Vista hearing aids and the Hearing Remote app.