Hearing Remote app:
Personalization at your fingertips

With Hearing Remote, you have the freedom to tailor your hearing experience. The app offers effortless navigation, allowing you to make real-time adjustments with ease. Whether its adjusting the volume, selecting or customizing programs, or boosting speech and listening comfort - you have control over how you hear the world around you.



Confidently manage the day-to-day maintenance of your hearing aids with the support of in-app tutoring. Resources include instructions and videos as well as helpful tips and reminders sent directly to your smartphone via timely notifications.

Lifestyle Data

From step counting to activity tracking, the Hearing Remote app provides access to your lifestyle data. You also receive an enhanced view of your insights in specific listening environments, thanks to Capture All.

Remote Adjust

Embrace the convenience and flexibility to choose how you receive hearing care with Remote Adjust.

Adjustments made by your hearing care provider can be sent directly to your smartphone, saving you time and reducing the need for in-office visits.

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Wireless, easy listening

Remote Control

Remote control - Discreetly and easily adjust hearing aid volume and switch programs.


TV accessory - Have sound delivered to both hearing aids to make TV more enjoyable through a streamer.


Streamer - Connect discreetly to mobile phones, TVs and other wireless devices with stereo sound. Also acts as a remote control.


Streamer - Enjoy direct connections to mobile phones and entertainment devices in stereo sound. Also acts as a remote control.


Companion mic - Hear companions easily in challenging environments with this personal wireless microphone system through a streamer.


TV accessory - Makes it easy to watch your favorite programs in high-quality stereo sound – automatically switches Vista T Rd 13 hearing aids to the TV, streamerfree. Works with laptops, tablets and stereos, too.